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Muslim Jihadist Becomes A Christian After He Sees Jesus Christ

My name is Khaleel and my simple goal in life was to serve Allah and take down the infidels. I was a Muslim Jihadist who accepted the challenge to rebuke the teachings in the Bible and doing so put me face-to-face with Jesus Christ.

It happened at the height of my success as a Muslim religious leader when the Emir approached me and challenged me to prove that the Bible has been altered and cannot be trusted. We vowed to put an end to Christian evangelism whatever the cost.

Then one night, while we were gathered at a campfire, Emir handed me a Bible. I refused to touch it for fear that it had been cast with magic and spells as my mother had told me. I refused to read it because of the said curse. But Emir told me that if I believe in Allah then I must do as he says and accept the challenge.

A month went by and I decided to do as Emir said and researched the Bible for lies. But I realized months later that the Bible was indeed true. So I prayed to God to reveal himself and to show me His way. I called out to Him and told Him that I want to serve Him with all my heart and soul. I surrendered my life to Him and asked him questions: if He was the God of the Muslims or the God of the Christians.

I pleaded with him to take everything but Islam if He is the God of the Muslims and to show me the way if He is the God of the Christians. That night I dreamt about Jesus Christ and he told me to read the Bible. After that dream, I became a changed man. I no longer harbor hatred in my heart and murderous thoughts. Instead, I became a loving person. I turned my life to Christianity and surrendered my life to Him. I am now in Christ.


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