New Faith-Based Movie “Run the Race” From Roadside Attractions-Survive Struggles Through Faith Coming To Theaters!

Life is full of surprises that we can’t predict what our future brings. We were born with a different status in life but are all equal in the eyes of our Father in heaven. Every day we continue to fight with the evils of the world. Hold on to your faith and be a soldier of Jesus Christ for nothing in this world can overpower our creator, the Highest. Spread the message of God to everyone that in desperate moments, it is Him that we can perfectly trust.

Roadside Attractions who is known for the recent hit of I Can Only Imagine is about to release another faith-based movie Run the Race which I’m pretty sure will create a big name in the industry. The movie is about the story of brothers who dreamed of having a better life but has encountered struggles in life. Tim Tebow and Robby Tebow are the executive producers of this wonderful encouraging movie that will move everyone’s heart and will surely let your tears fall. This is a story of brotherhood where one of them is an athlete pushing it hard to reach the dreams of the family but he unexpectedly had an injury. Problems along the way were fought together holding unto their strong faith in God. The movie aims to spread the important message of the story that in times of all obstacles that life brings, somebody’s there to show you love and care.

The love and support of our family is something that we need to treasure for there is no such thing that can replace the best feeling that it gives. This inspiring movie is something that will surely uplift our faith in God and will make us realize our purpose in life. Click play but don’t forget to grab a hanky before watching the trailer for it will surely melt your heart!

Run The Race – Official Trailer

From executive producers Tim Tebow and Robby Tebow, Run the Race comes to theaters February 22. Watch the trailer now.

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