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Nine Family Members Murdered, Woman Was Heartbroken, Struggling Found Way Out In God

It is such a heartbreaking moment when you lost somebody you love in your life. You always remember the days that you were still together. Happiness is shared, and stories that bring happy memories and problems that are being solved through the unity of each family member. The worst part is when their lives ended unexpectedly and in an inhuman way. You suffered through pain and acceptance is so hard for you because you’re not able to move on.

Leticia Yuzefpolsky shared her worst nightmare during an interview with an online comedian, Kristina Kuzmic who is known of her humor and funny videos on parenting. Leticia’s family was murdered last 2008 during Christmas Eve. It should be one of the happiest memories that a family could have while celebrating the holiday. But the greatest tragedy of her life happened. Nine of her family members were killed by her former brother-in-law Bruce Pardo. It was an unforgettable experience and the worst nightmare that nobody would want to experience.

Leticia shed her tears and grieved in sorrow because of this tragedy. But what happened made her even stronger. She didn’t let that incident steal her happiness because God has given her the gift of life where she needs to be strong and go on with her journey. The power of the Lord made her strong enough to overcome everything that she felt. Click play and listen to Leticia’s story of encouragement.

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