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Nurse Literally Feel Patient’s Pain, Watch And Discover How She Handled Rare Condition!

Human as we are we can always relate to what other people feel. We tend to feel their emotions every time their sad or happy. It is a human nature to be sensitive about everything that surrounds you. We try to make people happy every time we feel that they are carrying tons of problems. Those people working under the healthcare field knows more about being sympathetic especially the nurses. Their main goal is to help the sick lessen the pain that they fee not just physically but also emotionally. Remember the day that you got hospitalize and a nurse came to check, her first question would be asking if how are you doing so far or how do you feel. Megan Pohlmann is a nurse by profession bestowed with a special gift. She was born having a rare condition called mirror-touch synesthesia wherein she can literally feel the pain felt by her patients. Less than 2 percent of people might have this kind of condition and Megan was chosen to be one. At first, she had a hard time having this kind of illness as she visits public places. She tried attending a funeral and she was so dismayed when she suddenly felt all the sorrow and misery of the loved ones of the person who was buried. Megan is a very empathetic woman as she always wants to reach out to others and help. At first, Megan thought of being different and unlucky having that kind of rare illness. But when she became a nurse, she realized God’s plan of giving her the mirror-touch synesthesia. She encountered a lot of cases at the hospital wherein she played a big part in identifying what the patient feels. The condition Megan has is not a disease, it turned out to be a gift from God.

Meet The Nurse Who Feels Other People’s Pain – Literally | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Megyn Kelly TODAY welcomes Megan Pohlmann, a nurse with a rare condition called mirror-touch synesthesia that enables her to literally feel the pain of others, and even their emotions. “Just the awkwardness of everyday interactions with humans can be overwhelming,” she tells Megyn.

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