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Old Man Asked Woman to Help Comfort Her Baby for She Was Busy At Doctor’s Office

We don’t expect other people to be there when we need assistance. We cannot rely on others in times of emergency. We should learn to stand on our own and be prepared for what life may bring. But there are certain people who possess a good heart and are used by God as an instrument to help us. Kind-hearted people who are always willing to help without expecting anything in return.

Natasha Crittenden Wilson walked at the doctor’s office when he saw an old man sitting beside a woman holding a baby. She was waiting for her turn when suddenly the old man caught her attention. The old man known to be Joe Hale from Alabama asked the woman if he can hold her baby in order for her to be comfortable. He would have noticed that the mother was busy filling up some paperwork. Vanessa’s heart was touched because this is something unusual that a stranger would do. They don’t know each other personally but the old man showed kindness to the mother and this is so heart melting.

What the old man did is an evidence that there are still people in the world with a good heart. He is truly the face of an angel. Blessed is the man who shows kindness to others for God will continue to pour out His blessings from heaven.

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