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Parents Struggle through Stillbirth Period, Whose Faithful Decision and Heart Touch So Many

Along the way, we experience unexpected moments that could give a big impact on our lives. Extreme battles in life that can ruin the foundation of faith that we have in God. These are things that test our faith in God with the purpose of making us stronger and more equipped for a bigger battle that we will soon be facing. We may think that we are being forsaken but we’re not. Soon we will discover the purpose of such tragedies and even thank God because it happened. Trust in Him for He has bigger plans prepared for you.

Katelyn Alsop is a photographer based in Virginia who shared her stillbirth story through her blog. This story has inspired so many lives and touched the hearts of the readers. When Katelyn and her husband Michael had their 20-week ultrasound, they were excited as they can’t wait to see the gender of their baby.  After the ultrasound, the technician stepped away without giving them the result yet. They felt nervous during that time and when the doctor came in, their dreams were shattered because of the result. The doctor told the couple that their baby is very sick and that it would only survive 3-4 weeks. Katelyn and Michael kept praying and ask God to give them a chance to see their baby. It was hard for the couple knowing for a fact that they can only have their baby for a very short period of time. They cherished every single moment and they named him James.

It is sometimes hard to understand why we still need to experience such painful things in life. But always trust that God is watching even in bad times. He has a purpose as to why He gave you this trial and He will never let you suffer your entire life. It is truly sad to lose someone who is important to us but always believe that God is merciful and He will help you survive all things in life. Watch the video of Katelyn as she tells the story of her baby James. Be inspired like the couple who never gave up by the power and strength given by God.

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