Pastor Dressed Up As Homeless Man Outside Church: Watch How the Church’s Members React

Love your neighbors as you love yourself as God has commanded everyone to do such things. Help other people who are in need just like you’re helping Jesus carry His cross. Be a blessing to others that they may realize how good and faithful God is in their lives. Pray for them to overcome hardships in life and introduce Jesus to them. Tell them that despite their current situation, God is there to rescue them.

Pastor James MacDonald is an American Evangelical Pastor. He is the founder of Walk in the Word Ministries. He is originally from Ontario, Canada and best known as the founding and senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. He is a Bible teacher for his broadcast ministry and is effective in sharing the word of God. He tried pretending and dressing up as a homeless man staying outside of the church and waited to see how his church members will respond. Some just passed by while others took time to pray with him. There are people who showed care for him by giving water and food as well as money. One member gave him the most valuable that he could ever give, the word of God.

He was crying in tears in his beard as he could not believe how the congregation responded. They have shown compassion to the homeless man and has done a great part which is introducing Christ to him. They even invited the homeless man to be with them inside the church and listen to the sermon. A simple act of kindness can touch the hearts of many. Start being a good example to people and lead them to Christ for you are accountable for your brother’s salvation.

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