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Police Officer Becomes Mentor for 6-Year-Old without Arms Who Wants to Be A Cop

When Harrison Humphries was born, people thought that he would not go far in life. But his parents and he, himself, believed in his ability and has not stopped him from his dream of becoming a detective.

The 6-year old boy inspired many people because of his determination. One of which was veteran officer Rolf Seiferheld from the Duluth Police Department. Brave Harrison and Officer Seiferheld met during a downtown patrol and ever since, they have formed a unique and strong bond.

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Harrison said that he wanted to become a police officer so that he can help people get better. Officer Seiferheld said that he believed in the same reason. He said, “Be kind, and treat people how you want to be treated. Show them the respect they deserve.”

It is then that the officer decided that he would mentor the young boy so that one day he may achieve his dreams. This is why they meet every Friday during Seiferheld’s downtown patrol so that he can impart some of his experiences and learnings in the force.

Credit: 11Alive / YouTube

The best part for Harrison is when he gets to check out the inventory and every day carry the police officer. He also gets a chance to hop on the police car.

Tara, Harrison’s mother, said that she appreciates the kindhearted officer for taking time to coach and teach her son. “Not many people will take the time or sometimes they’re scared,” she said. Tara also said that her son is a very determined person even at his age. When he puts something on his mind, he will do everything to achieve it.

When Harrison was born, the doctors said that he would never be able to walk, feed himself, or do anything independently. This was because he was born without arms, hips, femurs, and fibula.

But now that he has grown older, he has proven the doctors different and has made leaps and bounds in independence. His mother says that he is able to brush his teeth and comb his hair. He is also able to dress himself. So, the dream of becoming a detective or the head of the police force is not a far-fetched dream.

With the help and coaching of Officer Seiferheld, Harrison’s dream is a step closer and within his grasp.

The Bible teaches us that we are given spiritual gifts we can use to help others. Some are given the gift of faith whose prayers are always guiding and helping those in need. Others have the gift of preaching which they help those who are struggling with their faith in God.

Officer Seiferheld has the gift of teaching and he is using it to encourage and help the young boy learn all that he can not just in skill and knowledge of police work but in determination to become all that he can be. In other words, the simple act of meeting with the young boy to teach him a few things has a lasting effect on the character of Harrison and will be something he would cherish for all his life.

What do you think is your spiritual gift? How are you using it for the common good of everyone? We would like to know in the comments below!

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