TestimoniesDreamProphetic Dreams of the End Times: A Wake-Up Call to Embrace Christ

Prophetic Dreams of the End Times: A Wake-Up Call to Embrace Christ

This was my 2nd End Times dream God has given me.

I know Jesus is coming soon and I believe he is giving people dreams as warnings. This is a warning to people who claim to know Jesus. Who claim to be Christians and Believers but have not truly accepted his Holy Spirit into their hearts. When you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you it is UNDENIABLE.

We live and are saved by Faith not by works but you can’t just repeat a salvation prayer one time in church and live your life as you were and tell yourself that you are covered. Accepting Jesus is not an insurance plan. He knows the true matters of every person heart.

Fully accept Jesus TODAY before its too late. There is so much Urgency right now to get right with the Lord. Get in your Bibles, Pray constantly, Repent and surrender your life to the Savior of this world.

Jesus loves you so much and wants you with him. He washes away ALL sins. I pray this finds even just 1 person who needs to hear this to draw near to God.

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