LifestyleRobin Williams Secretly Donated $50K to Food Bank Before His Tragic Death

Robin Williams Secretly Donated $50K to Food Bank Before His Tragic Death

There have been a lot of unexpected celebrity deaths in the past few years. While we are saddened by their passing, it is simply the natural course of life. We never know when we will give up the ghost. But what is important is how we live our lives and how we can affect others peoples lives as well.

One of the most shocking deaths in the past decade was that of Robin Williams. He was one of the most prolific and esteemed actors of any generation. When he passed away, millions of people felt that they lost someone dear to them. This was quite strange since most of us have never even met him in person.

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But because of the roles he played in movies, people have associated him as one that brings hope to all. But to be honest, the actor is a whole lot more than just his on-screen roles. People who have actually met him and have worked with him say that he is as genuine as it gets. He is nice and always strived to make the lives of people around him better.

This is why this story is not a really big surprise. He has also done such charitable acts in the past. Between 2004 and 2008, he was directly raising $50,000 for a food bank in Seattle. He was not also one to seek the recognition for the huge help he did. He performed in various places so that he could raise the funds. He was not only raising money during the performances, he was also sending out a message of awareness to those who are able to help in any way.

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The executive director of the West Seattle Food Bank, Fran Yeatts, said,“I was just astounded. Robin Williams is the type of person who really understands there are a lot of people who are really, really struggling.”

Another person who was volunteering at the food bank said, “In spite of the problems that some people have, they can still aspire to great things. I think Robin Williams is a classic example of that.”

Aaron Ellis, another volunteer at the food bank, had conversations with the late actor. He said that to Robin Williams, it was an honor for him to have worked and to have helped the food bank. This became something that Ellis, who also suffered from depression and anxiety, said was one of the reasons he became sober and seeked help. “That meant the world to me. It solidified my sobriety to this day,” Ellis said.

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When doing good works, God acknowledges it even if no other person sees it. In a world where everyone seeks recognition, Jesus commands us to not let our right hand know what good works our left hand is doing. This way, we do not get the reward of men, which is temporary and futile. But rather, we gain the praise and the reward from God which is immeasurable and eternal.

We also encourage you to pray for those who are struggling with depression and anxiety. Pray that the Lord will give them hope and peace during the difficult storms in their lives.

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