TestimoniesRock Star Alice Cooper Says Jesus Saved Him in Interview with Pastor

Rock Star Alice Cooper Says Jesus Saved Him in Interview with Pastor

Spanning a career of over 50 years, rock singer Alice Cooper is known for his shocking images and on-stage persona. However, in an interview with pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship, Cooper said Jesus saved him. The full interview is yet to be released, but Laurie has released clips through Twitter.

Cooper, who attended Harvest church giving Laurie an opportunity to interview him, said he grew up in a Christian home where his father was a pastor. He went astray in his early years, getting into hard rock, alcohol, and drugs. Cooper shared that one day he realized if he did not accept Christ and died in his sin, he would be in danger of hell.

These days, Cooper is what Laurie calls, “a full-follower of Jesus Christ and has been for many years,” and not ashamed to speak about his faith. Cooper also operates a facility known as Solid Rock—a teen center where young people are offered an alternative to drugs and life on the streets.

A look at recent images on Cooper’s Instagram account might give some reason to doubt his testimony. And though God teaches believers to try the spirits, it is not for us to condemn him. Pastor Laurie says, “Cooper has been walking with the Lord for many years now.”

As a matter of fact, Laurie posed a probing question to Cooper as to why he still performs as the rock star “Alice Cooper.” Cooper replied that he may still be Alice Cooper, but he is now Alice Cooper following Christ—not living the rock star life—his lifestyle testimony now to the people around him in the world of rock musicians.

Alice Cooper may yet be young in his renewed faith, but with prayer for him and spiritual growth in the Word, the Lord could very well do wonderful things with him and through him for the kingdom of God. Let’s wait and see. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to hear of someone with such fame and in such an environment as Cooper’s to proclaim that Jesus saved him—a testimony to the redeeming power of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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