Ruth Graham Shares How Forgiving Her Father, Admitting She Has Abandonment Issues Healed Her

Ruth Graham, the daughter of the late evangelist Billy Graham, previously released an inspirational book called Forgiving My Father, Forgiving Myself.

While promoting the book, Ruth shared what it was growing up with an absentee father. She said that it was only when one of her friends told her that she could have abandonment issues that she realized that her dad’s absence impacted her entire life and the choices she has made.


Ruth Graham talks about healing

The author said that she decided to write her book as a form of healing.

“Part of forgiving my father is also forgiving God for not meeting my expectations. And God sometimes doesn’t meet our expectations… our human expectations because our expectations fit our thinking and not his… But I wrote this book because I’ve struggled with forgiveness and forgiveness is a struggle…” she said.

Ruth Graham’s four failed marriages

Ruth also revealed that her troubled relationship with her dad caused her to cling to men and get into rebound marriages even though she knew that they were unhealthy.

The author revealed that her first husband cheated on her for years, and she had no idea about it. Ruth and her ex-husband tried to fix their relationship with the help of a counselor, but things didn’t work out in the end.

She later got into a relationship with an abusive man and a narcissistic individual that tricked her. But despite all of these harrowing events, Ruth decided to forgive all of them.

“I realized that forgiveness is unconditional, reconciliation is conditional,” she said.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness

According to Ruth, it was necessary for her to figure out the root cause of her rebound relationships. And this was when she found out that it must have something to do with her abandonment issues.

Still, the author doesn’t hold anything against her dad or her ex-husbands. And she’s so inspiring because she reminds everyone that even the biggest sinners can be forgiven by God.

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