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Sadie Robertson’s Prayer Request For A Little Girl Battling In Cancer Went Viral

Every time we get stuck in an unexpected and worst situation, we tend to panic and lose control causing us to make wrong decisions in life. Our mind gets totally bothered and our emotion gets overwhelmed without clear thinking of what the result will be. We always forget to call on God and ask for His guidance and support. We search for solutions anywhere and find yourself lost in the wilderness still with an existing problem. Even some Christians fail to trust the power of God in some situations that rock their life.

Sadie Robertson is an American actress and television star on the A&E show Duck Dynasty. She is also an author and a speaker who also won as the first runner up on Dancing With The Stars Season 19. Recently he posted a prayer request on the internet that went viral garnering 158,000 likes and 9,000 comments. This post is a prayer request for a little girl named Katie Joyce who is battling with cancer for the second time around. It was last 2010 when Katie is just 2 years old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Katie has undergone surgery at the Children’s Hospital in Memphis and she was able to survive. God remained faithful in Katie’s life as she was able to surpass every trial that she has encountered with her illness.

Now Katie is fighting a big battle against cancer for the second time around and Sadie is requesting everyone to storm the gates of heaven with their prayers. Prayer is the greatest weapon that ever existed and nothing in this world is impossible through prayers. God listens to our prayers 24/7 and He doesn’t miss a single thing. Our God is powerful and He is the doctor of all doctors. He is able to heal every illness in the world and will surely sustain you with good health. Pray without ceasing! Hold on to your faith and lift everything to the Lord for with God, nothing is impossible.

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