Scientific Proof that God Exists

Scientists take a look at the sun and what we can learn from it. Its majesty and marvel couldn’t have possibly come from some big bang, but from the hand of an Intelligent Designer. From the comments I feel the need to address these: *The Bible doesn’t teach that the earth is flat. Isaiah 40:22 says that God sits above the ‘circle’ of the earth. That’s a round planet right there.*Jesus is God, not just a man, and is worthy of worship. The statement “why do you call me good, no one is good but God” is not a denial of His deity, because elsewhere He says He is the ‘Good’ Shepherd, and I’m a witness that He indeed is! Daniel 7:14 clarify without doubt that the Messiah is worth of glory.*Jesus Christ is the only way to receive forgiveness for our sins. His message is one of love, love and then some more love. Receive His love today! – Put Gods Words on our Daily Stuff & Send a Message to the World! Click to shop now: Awesome God – Men’s Premium Fit Crew T-Shirt