Some helpful tips for kids who are sensory sensitive and is overwhelmed by a Christmas tree

I’m Vanessa @the.autistic.chef and I’ve got Autism, ADHD and I really struggle with sensory processing & as part of my Autistic friendly Christmas series today I’ll be sharing alternative Christmas trees.

Whether your child Is sensory sensitive like me and is overwhelmed by a Christmas tree, or whether they are sensory seeking and you struggle to keep them away, here’s a few alternatives options & tips to try.

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You can try wall mounted trees, and depending on how they are, add or remove lights and decorations accordingly, you can even just have simple wooden hanging trees for a more discreet and more sustainable option.

For cheaper alternatives, you can try tinsel which you attach to the wall in a ziz zag for a more cost-effective solution.

If you’ve never managed to get a tree up, then start small, you can get small 1ft or 2ft trees like this starting from £1. Start small, with only this one change at a time (which I covered in my video yesterday), or keep it in a room they do not use often and can choose to go into.

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For the sensory seekers, you can even have a Christmas Tree tent which they can climb into if they need to regulate themselves.

For those who love activities you can get a felt tree poster which they can decorate themselves.

Or take the more tailored approach and find something related to the autistic person’s special interest. E.g if they love lego, find a lego tree, or decorate a tree with lego decorations to add a sense of familiarity.

For Illustration Purposes Only

There is no wrong or right….and there is no one size fits all, it’s about doing what is best for the indivudual and being as neuroaffirming and neuroinclusive as possible

Tomorrow’s tip will be for the Autistic and ADHD adults and will be about Christmas socials…as after this weekend, I’m struggling….

If this has helped you, please let me know….and if you know anyone who his can help, please like and share

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