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Spoken Words About Living Life By Serving In God’s Ministry Will Surely Move Your Heart

God has bestowed us the greatest gift of all, our lives. Our life is the most precious gift that we have ever received and the very first day that we were able to breathe is the first day that we have felt the love of Jesus. We only live once and we need to live life to the fullest. Treat every day of your life as the perfect chance to do good to others and Jesus will surely be happy about it.

We prepared a video about spending your life by serving God’s ministry. God gave us the chance to live and enjoy His creation and in return, we need to make sure that He will be credited for all the things that we do in our life. Serving God can be in different forms and ways. He gave us unique talents wherein we can use it in glorifying His name. Some are blessed with an amazing sweet voice that should supposedly be used in singing praises to God. Others are talented when it comes to dancing and one way to show the world how thankful you are for this gift is standing on your feet and dance with the music that praises the name of the Lord.

Some may say that they don’t have any talent at all. Search your heart and determine the gift that God gave you. You could have the gift of teaching which is the most powerful of all, the gift of sharing God’s word to others. Teach people what the Bible says and tell everyone how great our God is. Enjoy every moment of your life because you were only given a single chance to live. Be prepared for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Guard your heart and your mind that you may be found faithful as His disciple. Teach all nations about how lucky you are to be chosen as a child of God and encourage them to give Jesus the chance to rule in their lives.

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