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Such An Innovative Prank! Groom Leaving the Bride in Front of the Altar Ran Out To Get The Ring, The Journey Even Make Pastor Laugh Loudly!

This groom surely knows how to make their wedding hilariously special! Can you imagine on the day of your wedding, in front of the altar, about to exchange rings, then suddenly THERE WAS NO RING! The groom ran out of the church to do something that gives everyone a laugh!

A week before his wedding with Vicky, Stuart made all the preparations for his plan to make their wedding memorable, and the only person included in his surprise was the vicar. Stuart is a fun loving guy who loves to pull pranks, but who would have thought that he would pull a prank on his wedding day? Everything was going as well as how a wedding was supposed to be not until the vicar asked, “If I could have the rings, please?” And that makes the situation turn around.

For sure everyone who knew Stuart, especially Vicky who knew him so much, already sensed that he was going to do something unusual. But who would have thought that he will go to the extent of running out of the church during his own wedding, leaving the bride in front of the altar! The groom completely fooled everyone, most especially his best man who was supposed to have the ring!  You will surely wouldn’t want to miss this!

A ring has no beginning or end and is, therefore, a symbol of infinity. It symbolizes their unending love and faithfulness with each other. With his prank, Stuart just reassured Vicky that he will do anything just to fight for their unending love. Their road to forever definitely starts with so much fun as the groom pulls this prank that will surely keep you laughing!

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