Surgeon Encourages Putting Name on Cap, Revolutionizes Practice of Saving Lives


Initiatives can ripple out to significant changes and can eventually spark up a revolution, most especially in the medical field. Rob, an anesthetist, has found a minute detail that innovated healthcare in terms of surgical practice. The brilliant idea—inscribing name and job title on scrub caps to avoid inaccuracies while performing surgeries. Who would have thought that such a simple tweak could save millions of lives.

Dr. Rob Hackett has observed that in a moment of pressure during surgical operations, surgeons tend to panic when it gets critical. Calling out the names of peers to optimize the handling of tasks during operation procedures might be a burden and could slow down the process. Thankfully, Dr. Hackett proposed to specify the name and specialization on scrub caps and it has boosted significant efficiency in treating the patient. It works in a practical way, when a patient’s life is on the risk and seconds are counted meaningful, surgeons can defeat the bane of time by eliminating unnecessary allotment to remembering each other’s names for their own calling during operations. Indeed, this minor initiative by an individual has revolutionized the ministry of saving lives.

The trend #TheatreCapChallenge has gone viral and global. Dr. Hackett’s team is being capped as the model of the challenge. As a result, surgical teams all over the world have adopted the practice and showed off their photos in social media.

The movement doesn’t cost much but saves many. This drive only proves that recognizing each other’s effort and contribution could encourage significant changes, shunning death and extending life.

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