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Teenager Cuts Police Officers Uniform, Her Way Of Managing Fear Made People Do The Same Thing

Back when we were still young, we already know what we wanted to be. Our teachers tend to ask us in school what we want to be when we grow up. People may differ in the profession that they wanted to take but during the process of reaching our dreams in life, we all strive hard in the same manner in order to be successful. Our future depends on God’s plan with our lives and each one of us has a unique calling.

Being a police officer is not that easy. Along with being a cop is a big responsibility of protecting the people in your society as well as the nation in a whole. You might experience a lot of encounters that might risk your life and cause you trouble. Megan O’Grady is one of those people who always feel scared because her dad is a policeman. In order to cope up and handle her fear, Megan has come up to an idea of how to manage it. As an outlet of her fear, she went into different police stations and took the uniforms of the police officers.

What she did is she cut the uniforms and made it into hand sew teddy bears with the officer’s last name and badge number on it. She gave it to the families of the officers who fell during in line of duty. What she did is heart melting and it’s one way of showing compassion to the families who have lost a cop family member. A lot of people supported her run and she has now given a total of 450 teddy bears in 34 different states. It could be a simple idea yet the intention was pure and touching. Simple things can sometimes be the cause of making other people feel good because of your simple act.

Teen delivers custom teddy bears to families of fallen officers
Megan O’Grady of Cape Coral, Florida, sews the teddy bears using the uniform of the officer.

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