“Speak up” Terry Crews Says to Victims of Domestic Violence

“Hopelessness” was the one word that Terry Crews knew in his early life until he found success with his hard work and persistence.

Terry Crews recalled that he often woke up to glass breaking, disturbing noises and people screaming in the middle of the night throughout his childhood. He saw his father hitting his mother in the face until she fell and rolled on the floor in pain.

Crews wanted to be strong so that he could protect his mother. In reality, he couldn’t help but continue to live in fear. He was so scared that he wet the bed until the age of 14. Sometimes, he felt he rather lived on the street than staying in the house.

Though Crews has already escaped from that nightmare, he doesn’t want to hide his traumatic childhood under the comfort of his success today. To all victims of domestic violence, he says “Speak up.”

Fear hinders people from reaching their goals in life, or just being their true self. But nothing is too small for God to care, God is love and He is always close to those who are in despair. Speak up so that your life can be used to empower others.

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