‘The Chosen’ Writer-Director’s Goal is to Introduce Jesus to the World

The brainchild of Evangelical filmmaker Dallas Jenkins, this crowd-funded historical drama takes inspiration from the Gospel stories as it looks at the life of Christ through the experiences of those around Him. Photo: thechosen.tv

Director Dallas Jenkins told a radio show about the first-ever series about the life of Jesus. The Chosen currently has two seasons and is growing in popularity among viewers.

The series started out as a crowdfunded production with more than 75,000 backers. The total amount reached about $10 million in the first season. The second season saw more supporters as 125,000 pledged to reach the same amount for the second season. They are now crowdfunding to produce the third season of the series.

Jenkins said that The Chosen changed his life as well as those who were involved in the series. He said that he felt fortunate to be part of the series. “God clearly has something to say and I feel like He has something He wants communicated to the world right now and I’m just trying to do my best to steward it and it’s been really cool to see,” he added.

The Chosen shows put the Bible into a context that is portrayed to be more relatable to the viewer. 

When remarked that each episode is getting better, Jenkins said that it’s the uniqueness of the show that is making it successful and that he doesn’t get the credit for it.

The thing that makes the show unique is that it is a multi-season show about the life of Jesus Christ. Jenkins added that when telling the story of Jesus, you only have a short amount of time to cover a lot of ground.

Another thing that was notable about the episodes is the authentic chemistry with the actors. The director said that that is because of the love and respect of the actors with each other.

The director noted that more than half of the cast and crew are believers but there are also atheists and agnostics among them. They are all journeying in their faith to believers. They are all united to tell a great and life-altering story.

“We know that it’s in every country in the world,” he said. “We’ve heard from people in countries like Iran and China. We said because the app is free and accessible they could have an experience with the Scriptures that have driven them close to the Bible.

“I became available to what I think God was really calling me to do. I think, even for me personally,” Jenkins said. “My goal is to introduce the authentic Jesus to the world,” he summarized.

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