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The Former Contestant of America’s Next Top Model Leah Darrow Says Cohabitation Is Not Liberation!

The idea of cohabitation has widely been accepted by the society nowadays. It is often illustrated as a “test-drive” before marriage. Before deciding to get married, couples live together to test if they are compatible with each other. Outwardly, Cohabitation seems to give the couples all the benefits that a married couple have, without really sealing their relationship with marriage.

This topic has been brought to light in social media using the “test-drive” analogy. In fact, many agreed to this idea of ‘try before you buy’.In an article by Huffington Post entitled  6 Signs It’s Too Soon To Move In Together, they laid down the following signs that it is ‘not yet’ the right time to move in together:

1. You’re using it as a way to gauge your relationship’s strength.

2. You’ve yet to have your first big argument.

3. You haven’t talked about money.

4. There’s another roommate involved and they’re uneasy about the move-in.

5. You see it as a Band-Aid for problems in your relationship.

6. You feel like your partner is pressuring you into the move.

Many agreed to this seem to be practical things to consider before moving in, however, Leah Darrow, a former contestant of America’s Next Top Model, public speaker, and a writer, posted on her social media account 6 signs of her own. She pointed out for six times her view on why it’s too soon to move in together. She even pointed out that cohabitation is not liberation.

Leah Darrow on Twitter

OR here are my 6 signs it’s too soon to move in together: 👇🏻 1.He won’t marry you first. 2. He won’t marry you first. 3. He won’t marry you first. 4. He won’t marry you first. 5. He won’t marry you first. 6. He won’t marry you first.

Darrow’s post has met a lot of criticisms which reflects the world’s view of marriage. The idea of marriage seems to be outdated for many. Why get married if you can enjoy the benefits of marriage without getting married in the first place? Cohabitation seems to be working well, so why get married? The society seems to devalue marriage and seem to put more value on cohabitation. Although many support the idea of cohabitation, research shows that cohabitation does not lead to more successful long-term relationships.

“These trends are troubling to some because nearly a dozen studies from the 1970s into the early 2000s showed that men and women who lived together before marriage were far more likely to divorce than couples who moved directly from dating to marriage. In fact, on average, researchers found that couples who cohabited before marriage had a 33 percent higher chance of divorcing than couples who moved in together after the wedding ceremony. “Council On Contemporary Families

It is still the couple’s choice to make their relationship last amidst their differences. Cohabitation is just an excuse since many seem to be afraid of commitment.  Marriage is so devalued in today’s society because people seem to be afraid to be tied to someone whom they might no longer want in the future.

With cohabitation, don’t you think that the relationship seems to be disposable? If it doesn’t work well, you can just throw the relationship out. If the relationship didn’t meet your expectations, then just don’t buy it. That’s why there’s this what we call ‘test-drive’ in the first place! This is the sad reality of today. However, there are still more people, like Leah Darrow, who choose to speak the truth to the generation who live in this sad reality.

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