The Walk of Respect for Organ Donor, Silent but POWERFUL

Helping others with losing yourself along the process is a sacrificial act that a person can do. A kind heart is willing to offer help in any circumstance. You may think that what you’ve done is just a simple act, but to someone, it could give a lifetime happiness to them and to their families. Help that comes from the heart is doing it without hesitation and not asking for something in return.

St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center located in Idaho has practiced the “Walk of Respect” for the organ donors as a sign of appreciation for the donor itself and the families who are facing difficult times of losing their loved ones. Hospital workers, as well as people who are inside the hospital, form a straight line along the hallway and elevator. They bow down as a sign of respect as the body of an organ donor is pulled out from the intensive care unit. Such practice is led by the director of the ICU, Deb Compton as a sign off with their hands clasp together, heads bow down as their loved ones follow along the way. This caught everyone’s attention and has gone viral.

The Walk of Respect is a symbol showing that the organ donor is much appreciated for the ultimate gift that they gave in order to save someone’s life. Watch the video below and feel the emotions of the people who participated in the Walk of Respect! Don’t forget to grab something to wipe your tears for this is incredibly moving!