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14-Year-Old Is Winning Hearts on The Internet After Spending Day Mowing Lawns to Take His Girlfriend Out

It started as a simple request of a 14-year old to mow the lawn for $5 to buy flowers for his girlfriend. However, when someone told the story and posted it on Facebook, it awed many people drawing positive reactions. At the same time, trolls considered the boy’s intentions superficial, tried to destroy the story’s purity, and wreaking havoc on the boy’s identity. 

Fourteen-year-old Cody Mitschelen is willing to work hard and mow the lawn for $5 so that he can finally buy flowers for his girlfriend and take her on a proper date. 

One weekend, he reached Ryan Cox’s household offering the same service. Cody’s request touched the Oakdale, Californian resident. However, Ryan had to say No at that time as he already subscribed to another lawn service. During their conversation, Ryan learned Cody’s intentions behind the generous offer. 

“[Cody] replied with…’ I’d like to take my girlfriend to lunch tomorrow and I don’t have enough money,” Ryan Cox wrote as part of his post on Facebook. 

Though Cox declined Ryan’s offer, he helped him in other ways. Cox solicited help from his neighbor so that the kid could get more clients. Finally, Cody got enough clients to earn him enough money to buy his girlfriend, Audrey Fierro, a meal and many flowers.

Cox took his efforts to the next level and spread the message about Cody’s chivalric behavior on Facebook. The story touched netizen’s hearts and became trending after getting 100,000 shares. 

Cody’s story spread around town and had touched the owner of Safari Pizza in Oakdale. The latter granted a special offer to the lovebirds with a free meal. While the two were dining in, they received particular attention as the staff decorated their space with a tablecloth and candles suited for a romantic date. 

“I was really happy when he surprised me with the flowers,” Audrey said. 

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