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This 6-Year-Old Kid Just Can’t Wait To Be Baptized! How Cute and Graceful!

This adorable 6-year-old kid was so excited to follow Jesus through baptism that he couldn’t wait one more moment to be baptized. Watch as he ‘helps’ the pastor in baptizing him. He’s got the most priceless expression of joy!

Water baptism is a symbolism of our decision to follow Jesus. It is a public declaration of our faith in Him. With water baptism, we are now acknowledging that we are now dead to sin and alive in Christ. It is not the removal of dirt in our body that saves us but it is the blood the Jesus shed on the cross. It is a symbol of our decision to follow Jesus, acknowledging that all of our sins are crucified with Him. By doing so, we are making the decision there is now no turning back to who we used to be.

This kid is so excited to do this act of surrender that he can’t wait for the pastor to finish praying for Him.“He has been waiting for this day a long time!” the pastor even says. I can’t imagine if how many times did he ask the pastor to baptize him for the pastor to be able to say that!

This child is a reminder that following Jesus is an exciting thing. The attitude that this kid demonstrated should be the attitude that we should demonstrate. This is how you express FREEDOM!

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”—John 8:36

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