Tim Conway Has Harvey Korman Losing It More Than Once in Angel Skit from Carol Burnett Show

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman showcased an unparalleled comedic chemistry that left audiences in stitches during their memorable skits on The Carol Burnett Show. However, in one classic performance, the duo’s on-screen characters didn’t share the same harmonious connection. Harvey Korman, portraying Angel Haddington, receives the unwelcome news of getting a new angelic companion, played by Tim Conway.

As the newly introduced angel, Conway’s character immediately rubs Angel Haddington the wrong way, leading to a series of hilarious antics. From jumping onto Haddington’s bunk to disrupting his harp-tuning endeavors, Conway’s angelic mischief elicits annoyance from Korman’s character. The laughter-inducing moments peak as Conway playfully juggles and tosses halos into the air, much to Haddington’s chagrin.

The on-screen interaction between the two comedians transcends scripted comedy, with both Conway and Korman breaking character and sharing genuine laughter between their lines. Fans fondly recall Tim Conway’s mission to make Harvey Korman crack up during filming, especially targeting Korman for the most uproarious reactions.

Viewers express their appreciation for the comedic duo, emphasizing how Conway and Korman’s comedic synergy made them exceptional entertainers throughout The Carol Burnett Show’s 11-season, 278-episode run. The show garnered immense acclaim, earning 25 Emmy Awards and 8 Golden Globes, solidifying its place in television history.

Even after its conclusion in 1978, the show’s enduring popularity persisted through syndicated reruns, continuing to bring joy and laughter to audiences for years. The timeless charm of skits like this reinforces the enduring legacy of The Carol Burnett Show and the comedic brilliance of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.

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