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Toddler Gave Out Tantrums In Public Mom Couldn’t Handle, Target Employee Offered A Helping Hand

Being a parent is a big responsibility to handle that requires patience and a heart to discipline your children well. Being a mom starts with sacrificing your own happiness for the wellness of your kids. Changes will occur the moment that you carry a life inside your womb. Parents certainly know how hard it is to have a toddler at home. They’re a bit uneasy and plays a lot like they have all the energy in the world. It could be tiring but believe me, it’s a whole lot of fun!

Brianna’s experience with her little girl was terrible. One sunny day she decided to visit Target to do some shopping and along with her is her cute little girl. Suddenly the toddler became uncomfortable and it looks like she was not enjoying shopping with mom. She started throwing tantrums in public and Brianna couldn’t figure out what to do. She couldn’t stop her daughter and she already felt ashamed because people are looking at them.

When all of a sudden a Target employee named Liliana came and offered some help. She sat on the floor near the little girl throwing tantrums and it seems like Liliana really knows what she’s doing. The little girl started to be calm and quiet. Brianna was amazed of what Liliana did and she thanked her for that. She posted her experiences on Twitter and a lot of people was happy about this employee’s generosity. Part of being a mom especially if you have young kids is being patient all the time. You need to understand that there will be a lot of times that they will be throwing tantrums and you need to find out how you can handle these. Spanking couldn’t help and most of the time it will only result in the worst situation.

Target Employee Interferes With Toddler Throwing Tantrum As Mom’s Captured Footage Goes Viral
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