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Video Goes Viral That Father Taught Son In A Different Way Leading As Good Example

Parents are expected to be veterans in giving instructions to their children. They need to make sure that they have taught good manners to them that they may learn from their parents. Teaching goes along with an act. Parents should also lead as an example for their children to follow. How are they able to encourage their children if they’re not doing it in the first place?

Fathers are believed to be known as the strongest person in the family. He is trusted by every family member in case of hardships. He should be flexible enough to handle different circumstances that come along the way. A good father leads by example. He teaches a child the way of the righteous. Keep in mind that what parents do are being imitated by children. The words that they say are being mimicked by the younger generation. The attitude of your children is a reflection of what kind of parent you are.

A video went viral and has gained several comments from people. A lot of people have given their stand out of their own point of view. This video shows a father’s love for his son despite the wrong doings. Our Father in heaven doesn’t want us to go astray. He wants us to follow the path that He has prepared for the sake of a better future. Our God is a forgiving God. Repent and be transformed. Live a Christ-like life that you may be blessed all the days of your life.

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