When It’s Okay to Kill Your Mother (HD)

For a limited time, you can get copies of this video on DVD for as low as 25 cents each. See http://store.livingwaters.com/video/when-its-okay-to-kill-your-mother-dvd.html for details. Get ready to be shocked and encouraged at the same time. When you think contemporary humanity has scraped the bottom of the barrel, it goes even deeper into depravity. You are about to find out when it’s okay to throw your mother off a balcony and feel that you’ve done the right thing as she goes over.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears! So eye-opening!”
—Chad Williams, Navy SEAL

“Wow—I was in tears after watching that. I’m sooo moved.”
—Dr. Jim Augustine

“As our culture moves farther away from the foundational truths of the Bible, people are justifying many sins in the name of pragmatism. Ray will help you see how you can use shocking examples from the news to share the gospel and point people to the absolute authority of the Bible.”
—Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis

Get the DVD here: http://store.livingwaters.com/when-its-okay-to-kill-your-mother-dvd.html

Download the MP4: http://store.livingwaters.com/downloads/video/when-its-okay-to-kill-your-mother-mp4.html

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