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Woman Baked Banana Bread And Gave It To Homeless Every Christmas, Amazing Story

Kindness is defined differently by many. Doing simple acts to help others without expecting anything in return can be considered as an act of kindness. Generosity comes from the heart and it is something that people would not forget about you. They may forget your name but surely you will always be remembered because of your kind heart.

Julie Garrettson is an amazing mom and also kind-hearted person. She was doing something secretly that her close friends don’t even know about it. But now, something was revealed and the whole world was surprised upon knowing her big secret. Julie met two homeless people at the local park and she was so nice to give them banana bread as a Christmas present. When she saw the reaction of the homeless men, she thought of doing it every Christmas of the year. With the help of her family, she baked some goodies and gave it to homeless people. When her friend knew that she was doing this generous act, she told Julie that she wanted to help as well.

Julie’s son posted it on Facebook because he was so proud of what his mom does. It went viral and people have seen Julie’s pure heart. The morning show Pickler and Ben invited Julie and her friend for an interview and they’ve come up with a little surprise for this kind of woman. They rewarded her with cash and banana bread with nuts from one of the bakeshop in order to distribute them to the needy. The Lord is truly faithful in our lives and He knows the desire of our hearts. Be kind to others and when the time comes that you also need help, for sure God will use somebody as an instrument to help you feel his overflowing love and blessings.

This Amazing Woman Has Baked Banana Bread for the Homeless for 45 Years – Pickler & Ben
Every December, Julie Garrettson’s kitchen in her Tucson home has the mouthwatering aroma of banana bread. While she bakes for her family, friends and clients, she also makes sweet treats for homeless people in town. After 45 years of performing this good deed, health complications stopped her from being able to bake and hand out her homemade bread.

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