Woman Born With One Arm Plays The Violin, Physically Disabled But Strong In Spirit

God created us and gave us life being the highest form of His creation. He gave us the wisdom in order to be dominant among everything that He created. We were designed based on His own likeness and image and we are lucky enough to be born without any disability. There are some people who were born incomplete. Some doesn’t have complete body organs or may experience abnormalities which makes them feel degraded sometimes. They may find hardships in life because of their situation and they experience struggle every single day of their lives.

A one-armed woman was born thinking that she was unlucky with her situation. She could have been teased by many because of her physical appearance but deep inside her is an extraordinary talent that most people do not have. This one-armed girl is a nurse by profession and she has a good fighting spirit. Despite her condition, she still showed the world that she is capable to do something that others can’t do.

This amazing woman is able to play violin with one arm. You may probably imagine how hard it is but God has blessed her with incredible talent and her fighting spirit not to give up in life sums it up. There are people who are lucky enough to be born and look like normal human beings but they don’t even take the time to develop and practice the gift that was bestowed to them by the Father. Watch the video below and be amazed of this woman’s supernatural talent. This is something that you need to be proud of!

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As a one-armed nurse As a Paralympian swimmer, her indomitable spirit captures many audiences. Via: indra surya | Youtube

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