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Woman Finds Hundreds Of Pennies After Asking Dying Grandma To Send Them From Heaven

The love of grandparents is something of divine source. Anyone who grew up with their grandparents can testify to how much care and devotion they give to their grandchildren.

One such example of this is the story of Michelle McDougal of Hallowell, Maine, and her grandmother.

Their unique relationship began when Michelle was born because that day was also her grandmother’s birthday. As the first of seven grandchildren, she seemed to have received extra care from nana.

Michelle Gordon McDougal / Facebook

Michelle recalls that whenever they would celebrate their birthdays, they would be two cakes put side by side. And because of their connection, they shared many experiences together including shopping, camping, and even card games around the table.

But what Michelle loves the most is when she and her grandmother would sit down and talk to one another.

The love of nana is quite remarkable as Michelle would recall when she was 10 years old and had pneumonia. Her grandmother would work triple shifts just so they could afford to pay for a nurse to take care of the sick little girl. Nana would come home with bloody fingers because she had to sew shoes after shoes. A testament to how much nana loves her little grandkid.

All was well until one day, nana was diagnosed with cancer. Although it was devastating news, nana fought hard and defeated the cancer after two years of the initial diagnosis.

But after a few years, the cancer came back and it signalled the time for nana to say goodbye. 

Michelle and her grandmother spent the last of her years together. One time, Michelle told her, “Nana, when you get to heaven please send me lots of pennies so I know you’re still near.”

Michelle Gordon McDougal / Facebook

The kind hearted woman laughed and said that she will. Nana passed away on Thanksgiving night, two days later.

After grieving, Michelle suddenly started finding pennies in all places. But she wasn’t all too surprised because she knew where they came from. 

When they found enough pennies, Michelle and her husband made something that would remind everyone of the love of nana forever.

Michelle Gordon McDougal / Facebook

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