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Woman Received A Phone Call That Changed Her Whole Life And Left Her Heart Broken

We always tell other people how much we love our family, how much we care for them and how much we wanted to be with them every single day. But have you ever looked at them in the eyes and tell them how much you want to be with them? Have you ever told your parents that you’re thankful that they raised you up? Have you ever spoken to them personally and told them the words “I love you”?

Erica Allen Peden is a loving daughter to her parents. She has a good relationship with her family including her three siblings. She was born second oldest among four children and she always love to spend time with her mom. They watch their favorite movies together, eat out like girls bonding. She always loves the feeling when her mother hugs her tight while talking about fancy things. These memories are still fresh on her mind even until now.

It has been 1.5 years when her mom passed away. April 23, 2017, when she received a phone call from her younger telling her that their mom had seizures. She just got off an abdominal surgery and was taking time to rest. Without any hesitation, Erica immediately told her brother to hang up and call 911. Unfortunately, her mother was not able to survive. She died due to pulmonary embolism. Erica took the responsibility of being there for her family during the darkest times of their life. Imagine the feeling of losing somebody who’s close to your heart, somebody who carried you for 9 months in their womb with all caution.

This incident was a heartbreaking one and until now, Erica misses her mom so much. The feeling of wanting to hug her tights brings back to Erica’s memory. She was hoping to see her mom in her dreams so that she can tell her how much she loves her. Our lives are temporary and we only live once. Stop wasting your time on some other things but instead, tell your mom that you love her the moment you open your eyes today.

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