LifestyleWoman Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ To Celebrate Beating Cancer

Woman Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ To Celebrate Beating Cancer

‘Amazing Grace’ is a beautiful song that has a lot of meaning to people who know it. The hymn has helped a lot of people to find light in the darkness when life is tough, and cancer patient, Jessie Rhye Recny, found the song to be particularly motivating on her last day of chemotherapy.
This stage two breast cancer patient found a new meaning behind the emotional ballad ‘Amazing Grace’ during her heartwarming rendition of the famous song, as she celebrated her last day of chemotherapy. Even though, the ceremonial ringing of the bell is the traditional way to mark the end of one’s cancer treatment, this 34-year-old stage two breast cancer patient decided to give in a special performance.
On her last day of chemotherapy at the Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, Jessie honoured the occasion perfectly. She sang a verse from the meaningful song and rang the traditional bell in the ward to mark the end of her cancer treatment.
It has been a long journey for her and the entire hospital floor was so happy that it was finally over! Obviously, Jessie is filled with so much joy, that she had to express it through a song. With tears streaming down her face, she begins to sing the popular hymn, “Amazing Grace”. She is making a triumphant statement by wearing a pink shirt that says, “fighter”. At the end of her song, all of the nurses and doctors clapped and cheered!
Everyone there gave her big hugs, fully embracing her.Hopefully, Jessie is now well on her way to a proper recovery and a cancer-free life. Jessie’s powerful performance shows how music can have a huge impact on people’s lives and how it can help people get through the darkest times and regain strength and hope.

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