Yale Scientist Slams Darwin’s Evolution Theory with Scientific Evidence

The Christian world may be rejoicing today since another highly-respected has lambasted the theory of evolution propounded by Charles Darwin.

For so long a time, Charles Darwin’s “evolution theory” concerning the origin of human beings has been an accepted theory especially among scientists and members of the academe. He did not believe that men were created by God, rather, men came from the evolution of apes millions of years ago.

While Darwin may have reigned over educational books for quite some time, a renowned scientist lately had rejected his theory and it came about because of factual scientific evidence.

David Gelernter, considered by New York Times as a computer science rock star, gave those comprising the scientific and academe world a stunner.

Through an essay, Gelernter slammed Darwin’s theory point by point. He did not even anchor his arguments on religious grounds but used science to deliver a blow to Darwin’s theory.

According to Gelernter, Darwin may have “successfully explained the small adjustments by which an organism adapts to local circumstances,” but he could not explain how new species emerge.

Gelernter’s firm stance against Darwin’s theory was not only his. He also derived inspiration from the book “Darwin’s Doubt” by Stephen Meyer.

In Meyer’s book, he disassembled “evolution” piece by piece. Gelernter even described Meyer’s book as “one of the most important books in a generation” and that there would only be a few people who could finish it with their faith in Charles Darwin still intact.

Meyer makes use of Intelligent Design as the basis of his proposition, which divides some people as to what I.D. really is. There are those who stated that ID has a religious essence, but Gelernter on the other hand, states that Meyer’s argument was far from being religious, as he is one of those intellectuals “making scientific arguments.”

One of the apparent lapses in the theory of Darwin, which had the evolutionist make some reservations about his own proposition was the Cambrian explosion which occurred 500 million years ago.

In this theory, there was a “striking variety of new organisms” which popped up, and the “first animals” came into existence.

Worse, Darwin was likewise disturbed that predecessors of these animals could not be found in the fossil record. He simply went on believing that such laps will just “turn up” eventually.

Gelernter isn’t the only one who rebuked the theory of evolution of Darwin. In 2013, Ned Bowden, a chemistry professor at the University of Iowa, was hit by fellow professors after declaring that there are holes in Darwin’s theory. In 2018 recently, the Education Minister of India also received backlash after rejecting Darwin’s theory.

Every year, more and more scientists find reasons to reject Darwin’s theory of evolution. However, nobody can blame these great minds because the truth, anchored in the fact that God created the earth and all living creatures in it, will always prevail!

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