10-Year-Old Girl Proud Of Her God Given Talent Through Drum Cover Of...

10-Year-Old Girl Proud Of Her God Given Talent Through Drum Cover Of Inspiring Song “God Is On The Move”

Talents are given by God to men for the purpose of using it for His glory. People were created unique and we were also given different kinds of gifts in different aspects of life. Most of us are familiar to the Parable of the Talents where the servants were left with the monetary amount by their master who is leaving to have a vacation. When the master arrived, he checked on his servants and inquired about the money that he left them.

One of the servants disappointed his master by keeping the money inside a hole that he digs. In some ways, God will surely be disappointed if you do not share what you got to other people. Nurture the gift and let everyone see how bright you shine with your God-given gift just like this 10-year-old girl named Vianca. Vianca is really talented in playing drums and she made the right choice of recording her covers playing gospel songs.

Vianca is sharing her drum cover for everyone to hear where she is playing the drums in the tune of the song “God Is On The Move”. The message of the song is truly powerful as it declares the indescribable power of God that can move a mountain and everything else. God is powerful and nothing on earth can beat what He has. Check out the video below and be amazed by this little girl’s surprising talent.

God is on the move – 7eventh Time Down – Vianca Khu Belocaul Drum Cover
10 year old drummer

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