Testimonies6-Year-Old Girl Shares Grim Prophecy About End Of The World

6-Year-Old Girl Shares Grim Prophecy About End Of The World

My name is Aneta Hangonyiova and this is the testimony of my 6-year-old daughter:

My mom and I were sitting here and it was going to be the end of the world. Jesus was saying that it’s going to be the end of the world while he held the Bible.

He said, “Don’t worry Abby. Don’t be afraid.Everything’s going to be normal first. You’re going straight to heaven and it’s all going to happen. The ice will melt and the polar bears will die. They need to have water to keep them alive and ice. Penguins will die as well.”

If some people don’t believe in God, they will go to death. If the people don’t believe in Jesus, they go to death because Jesus told me. He said, “It’s me Jesus, He had a white dress, long curly brown hair like a girl and his eyes were blue. He was wearing a crown and riding a horse.”

Do you know that there might be an evil king called Harold that can destroy the world if he wants. The stars will fall down and there’s going to be tsunamis. Everything will be gone in the name of Jesus. It’s going to happen. It might happen next week, tomorrow or today. Jesus can do whatever he wants. He can do it now or later

For a very long time, the brothers and sisters are waiting in heaven. This is not our home because Jesus said that this is just our pretend home. Heaven is our real home. If people and children believe in God, they go to the new world. If they don’t believe in God, they go to the old world.

The old world has tsunamis and destruction. They will just carry on forever because they’re bad. Jesus has a book and it has our names on there. It’s the book of life. all your memories are there, you put everything on it and if you do something bad, it will be in the book and you go to death. If you do nice things, the angels will lift you up to go the new world.

Heaven is like up in the sky, really high. the angels will take you there. Please believe that it’s going to be the end of the world.

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