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A Drowning Man Came Back To Life – See How Angels Were Sent To Rescue Him!

A man from South Carolina named Mason Ringer experienced a terrible nightmare in his life when he almost died of drowning. It was during their lunch break when he and two other colleagues decided to take a boat out of Okatie River. Mason and his friends crashed into the cold 58-degree water and started to panic. Each one of them was trying to save their lives to escape an unexpected tragedy.

Between the freezing water, strong current and tempest winds, getting back alive would be totally unbelievable. But God sent His angels to rescue them in different ways. As we have read different biblical stories, we have known how God helps His people in times of trouble. He had performed different kinds of miracles that nobody else can do.

Mason swam as hard as he could in order to escape the waters. He fought the current of the river associated with a strong wind but he got tired and had his muscles cramp. His physical strength gave up and he just closed his eyes and lifted everything to the Lord. When he was finished praying, he was amazed that he heard Woody barking and swimming his way. Mason was holding his collar tight while Woody was taking him back to the shore. It was a heroic act and a miracle that a dog saved a human’s life.

It was by Mason’s faith that he was given another chance to live. God works in unbelievable ways that only Him can do. Prayer is the greatest weapon that can surely save our day! Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and claim his promise in Deuteronomy 31:6 – “Do not be afraid or terrified for the Lord God will never leave you nor forsake you”.

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