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A Jaw-Dropping A Cappella Performance by the Voices of Lee, God’s Love is Reckless!

True love has no boundaries and limitations. You express the feeling of love without thinking for the consequences because you’re giving priority to what you feel. Love is not just an emotion but an order from God.

Jesus was sent to the world to be nailed on the cross and redeem us from our sins. Without any doubt, He accepted what God the Father has planned for the sake of the people. His love was made known to many and this encouraged the people to have faith in Him. Jesus offered His life as a living sacrifice in order for us to be free from the chains caused by our sins.

This group of singers Voices of Lee has a God-given talent that is so powerful and a very clear message. Jesus Christ chose us over His freedom to live. Voices of Lee was bestowed a unique and sweet voice full of emotions. They were right in using their gift of singing to spread the gospel and encourage people to turn away from their sins.

God’s love is reckless and stubborn that He loved His children without setting any condition. Loving is not expecting somebody to love you back but instead, you just want them to feel that they’re being loved. It is a commandment to love one another but it is more important to love God above all things.

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