A Singing Cop Astonished Everyone with His Mellifluous Voice! A Cop’s “Double Face” You Don’t Know!

Mike Morgan is a police officer assigned in Codington County, South Dakota and during his free time, he loves singing so much. One day when he was off-duty, he asked his partner to record him singing a special song inside the courthouse as this is really one of his great dreams as he confessed. It was a perfect timing since the courthouse was empty so he had the chance to sing and let his melodious voice be heard.

He chose to sing the national anthem and it was so surprising that he sings very well. He was claiming that the acoustics inside the courthouse was awesome. People may see him as a regular cop every day but deep inside him was an incredible singer! Happiness can be seen in his face while singing and it is truly a melody coming from a thankful heart. A wonderful gift of voice given by God is such a spectacular blessing.

Others may see you as an ordinary person but there is something very special about you when God created you in His likeness. God has given us unique talents to show everyone how He loves and value His own creation. Show people what you’ve got! Use your talents and abilities to praise the Lord!

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