LifestyleSongwriter Performs Emotional Song during Audition after Losing His Mom to Cancer

Songwriter Performs Emotional Song during Audition after Losing His Mom to Cancer

American Idol contestant Brandon Elder wears his heart on his sleeve. The Alabama native graced the singing reality TV competition years ago, and he brought his talent and sad backstory along with him.

In his package, Elder revealed that he was adopted by his mom, Patricia Elder when he was just a baby. His biological mom had him when she was just 15 years old. She had no idea how to raise a child so she decided to sell her son in exchange for a car.

When Patricia found out that an abandoned baby was in need of a permanent home, she decided to step up. Even though Patricia didn’t have a husband, she decided to raise Elder on her own and made sure to give him the best life that he deserves.

For years, Elder and his mom were inseparable. But in a heartbreaking twist, Patricia was diagnosed with cancer at a time when Elder was still in college. So, he decided to drop out of school so that he could be with his mom every single day.

Brandon Elder wrote songs for his mom

In order to keep Patricia’s mind off her cancer battle, Elder sang songs to her all the time. He noticed just how much Patricia enjoyed these special moments between them so he went on to write songs for his mom.

Years later, Patricia passed away and Elder was left with only his mom’s memories and the songs that he wrote for her. So, when he auditioned for American Idol in 2018, he decided to sing one of the songs he wrote for Patricia.

“Gone” was evidently a tribute to his mom, and when Elder opened his mouth and started singing, judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan couldn’t stop staring.

American Idol judges were impressed

His song certainly tugged at the judges’ heartstrings because it detailed what Elder’s life is like now that Patricia is no longer around.

“When I was a young boy, you took me in and loved me as your own. The greatest love that anyone can ever know is the love from a mother’s heart though we are far apart. I know as the tears fall on my guitar, I look up at the stars and you are finally home,” Elder sang.

Elder’s wonderful voice and touching story inspired not only the judges but also everyone that watched him on the show. He earned three yeses from Richie, Perry, and Bryan.

Even though he didn’t win American Idol, his touching story is still remembered by everyone. It’s proof that the people we meet have a purpose for coming into our lives. And while we still have a chance, we should treat everyone with love, respect, and kindness because our time on Earth is limited.

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