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Anruné Weyers of South Africa Wins Her First Paralympic Gold, Gives Glory to God

South Africa’s first gold medal of the Tokyo Paralympics was secured by 28-year old Anruné Weyers in the 400-meter sprint under the T47 classification with a time of 56.05 seconds.

Even though she already had three Paralympic medals, she was still determined to bring home gold. In the last two Paralympics, Weyers was able to win two silvers.

“I want to be the image of Christ to everyone I can, showing them that God is there for them as He is for me.” – Anruné Weyers

The gold medalist thought she wouldn’t be able to compete in the 2021 Paralympics because she contracted Covid-19. That was why she was not only thankful that she was able to compete but also have won gold.

“All glory to God. He was with me when I had COVID-19 when I thought my dream of going to the games was gone. He came and made it our dream,” Weyers said.

Wywes had a difficult childhood. She was born without a left hand and her father struggled with alcoholism. She said that it was not easy to feel like she belonged to a community or a family.

Her grandfather was the one who cultivated her faith. He would pray with her and read her the Bible. When Weyers was struggling, she would seek advice from her grandfather. In the same year she found sports, she also gave her life to Christ when she was 18.

She said, “God has shown me that He’s on this journey with me. He’s used my talent in athletics to not only win medals and experience victories, but to grow me closer to Him. I know I’m doing this with God.”

It was an uphill battle for her to win the gold. She first joined the Paralympics in 2012. Although she was getting medals, she couldn’t quite win the gold. But then, this year, she won gold.

The ultimate prize, though, for Weyers, is being able to preach the love of Christ to as many people as she can through running.

“I will continue to run until I’m done with what God has for me to do,” she said. 

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