Bethel College Choir’s Voice Blended in a Grain Bin, Heavenly Father Surely Listen to Them

Whatever voice quality we have as long as we sing it for the Lord surely it is a masterpiece. Let your voices be heard that people will get to know God. A farmer named Derek Klingenberg came up to an idea of letting people sing inside a grain bin.

The farmer owns an empty bin where he let the members of Bethel College Choir entered. They rehearsed the song “Down to the River to Pray” before they went inside the hollow area. There were some musicians along with the choir too. Derek also set a camera up at the top of the bin to see everyone’s formation.

It was a magnificent performance for it was a beautiful idea to sing inside a grain bin. The sweet voices of the members, musicians playing their instruments and the echoes inside the bin was a perfect collaboration. Bethel College Choir’s unique revision of the song is indeed worth to be shared with other people that they may know God. The feeling of singing with the Lord’s presence is such an inspiration. The sound that was produced by the choir members inside the grain bin is a song of a soul singing to God in prayers.