LifestyleMusicCarrie Underwood Sings Heartwarming 'Little Drummer Boy' with 5-Year-Old Son

Carrie Underwood Sings Heartwarming ‘Little Drummer Boy’ with 5-Year-Old Son

Carrie Underwood is delivering a dose of festive charm to her fans the Christmas. The acclaimed singer opted to collaborate with her endearing son on a duet for her album, My Gift, and the enchanting recording is now a highlight in her streamed TV special.

Recounting the experience, Underwood shared with ET, “He has a passion for singing, coupled with a generous and loving heart. I could sense his voice blending perfectly with the song.” Initially unsure if he would be interested, she explained, “He entered the studio, poured his heart into it, and the result is a pure and extraordinary performance. His expressive singing, complete with animated hand movements, added a special touch.”

Expressing her pride, she added, “I commend him for his wholehearted effort and the genuine love he conveyed, especially for Jesus. At just 5 years old, he already understands and exudes love. I am incredibly proud of him.”

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