Children Willing To Wait 3 Hours In School Talent Show To Display The Love That Jesus Gave Us On Cross

Kids are so cute especially when they show off their talents. The face of innocence and their smile which is full of love is so heartwarming. Children are so dear and they are close to the heart of God. Jesus tells everyone in His scriptures “Let the little children come to me, for they will inherit the Kingdom of God.” Teach your children the right way to go and they will not depart from it. Let them learn the ways of a righteous that they may be able to determine right from wrong.

Students of Allen Elementary School in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee wanted to do something different for their classmates in a talent show. They wanted to do a piece-by-piece painting illustrating how Jesus paid it all on the cross. In a regular public school, practicing their religion in a talent show is not allowed. So what they did is they took the last slot to perform and ask informed the audience in advance of what they want to do so that those who are not interested to see it can just decide to go home. Imagine how sacrificial it is for these kids to wait 3 hours in order for them to display the name of Jesus.

God made us teach all nation about His gospel. The world may stop you from doing the things that can give glory to God but your firm foundation of faith is something that you can hold on to. Do not let the enemy hinder you from giving praises to our creator.

Jesus Paid it All – Skit

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Talent Show 3rd-5th graders. November 5, 2015 Music by ~ Julian Drive ~ “Jesus Paid It All” Most of these children all go to a local church in our area, and they wanted to do this skit for their classmates.

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