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Chloe: A Story of Waiting, Trusting, Almost Giving Up, and Letting God

Before you watch this video, I want you to think of those promises that God had given you and those things that for the longest time you’ve been asking God for. Now, I want you to also think of those times that you cried out to God in frustration for not seeing any progress, those times that you wanted to let go of that string of hope, and those times that you just wanted to give up.

This story is a story of waiting, trusting, almost giving up, and letting God. But one thing is for sure: When God writes the story, it will always be beautiful. See how God’s faithfulness was magnified through the story of Walt, Annie, and Chloe.

Walt and Annie’s love story was a beautiful one. The dream of becoming a parent was a desire God had planted in the hearts of these two, and that desire has brought them together. The two of them, even when they were a lot younger, literally dreamt of having a daughter that will be called Chloe. Chloe, surprisingly, was God’s way of bringing them together. They were a family even before Chloe was born. Walt and Annie got married and they waited for years for Chloe to come. After four years of waiting, still, she hasn’t come.

Waiting was probably the hardest thing to do for Walt and Annie. Both of them hold on to God’s promise of a daughter but as the years gone by, they began to question that promise, and they began to question God’s goodness. This challenged their relationship with each other and their relationship with God.

They tried to let go of the desire of having a child but it just grew stronger. So they battle everything with prayer. Walt and Annie have shifted their focus from desiring a child to all the more desiring God. They focused on their growth in their relationship with God. As they let God, their hearts became so much satisfied with having God in their lives.

Eventually, out of nowhere, He opened in their hearts the idea of adoption. This idea was hard to accept, especially for Walt, but God just opened his heart for it. They waited a little longer for God until finally! Their adoption was being processed and a baby girl was waiting for them. However, they scrapped off the idea of having Chloe.  Walt believed that yes, God would give them a child through adoption but it will definitely not be Chloe.  They abandoned the idea of having Chloe in their life but God has greater plans.

As they visited the birth mom of the child that they’re going to adopt, Walt was so much amazed of how she looks exactly like a grown-up version of his vision of Chloe. The couple asked her what she names the baby. And surprisingly, this baby who wasn’t yet to be born was called Chloe. That moment, Walt and Annie couldn’t believe what they heard. This baby, in another woman’s womb, who wasn’t yet to be born, was their Chloe.

This isn’t a coincidence. Everything is certainly orchestrated by God! He has written this story and I believe that this is just one of those many beautiful stories that he’s written and he is currently writing. Sometimes God gives what He promised in a very unlikely way, in ways that we couldn’t even think of. That’s how incomprehensible our God is. But one thing is for sure: He who promised is faithful. So let go of that pen and let God write your story. What you need to do is be completely satisfied with the love that He has for you. And just like Walt, Annie, and Chloe’s story, you know it will be beautiful because when God writes, it will always be beautiful.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart, yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”—Ecclesiastes 3:11

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