Confirmed by Scientists: Babysitting Your Grandkids Improves Your Life Expectancy!

What is the essence of life for the elderly? Can babysitting give grandparents fulfillment? This seems to be true as a new report from parenting specialist of Cleveland clinic reveals that babysitting may increase the lifespan of grandparents by 20 years. The study shows that grannies who hang out with their grandkids have improved stamina and lower stress level and this goes the same for the grandchildren. According to the study, caregiving to young ones stimulates the body and mind giving grandparents a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Life becomes meaningful for seniors when they get to see their loved ones happy, safe and in good health. When elderly folks are surrounded with the laughter of young ones, the pure love of toddlers and embraced warmly by grandchildren then life takes on the beautiful colors of satisfied living.

So, whoever thought that babysitting is a chore to gramps can now change their mind. Hanging out with gramps have a lot of highs like loads of ice cream, lots of playtimes that goes on till late night, adventures in the park, etc. These elderly people know how to listen, to play, to imagine and to care with pure devotion to these children that need their guiding hands, loving arms and wise stories. For the over the hill people, babysitting is a second time around to help raise the next generation; a very important task that needs all their golden years! Watch the video below and don’t forget to bring the kids to grandpa after.

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