LifestyleCrowd Applauded to Husband and Wife Duo, Partners Forever in the Lord!

Crowd Applauded to Husband and Wife Duo, Partners Forever in the Lord!

Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes were truly destined as a blessed couple for they have teamed up and used their voices in singing for the glory of God. The couple has a power duo with the song “Cover the Earth” which was originally written by a friend named Daniella Mason. Cody has written additional lyrics forming the bridge of the song which made it more inspiring. It is indeed a song felt by everyone’s heart worshipping the Lord.

Cody’s lyrics talk about fear having no room in our lives. We should not worry about our problems and facing fear because God is totally in control of our lives. God is good all the time that He will never ever let His children wander in a world full of sin and get drowned to earthly temptations. Living a Christ-like life is following His commandments and practice His teachings as we are His disciples.

The beautiful worship song is overwhelming and can move mountains through our faith. It talks about how people are busy nowadays and how they spend their free time. In this new era, technology has a very fast phasing that the younger generation is being hooked to it. Spend time serving the Lord by taking some responsibilities in His church. Use your God-given gift and choose the best part of the ministry that would suit your skills. We may be very busy with our hectic schedule but always make sure that we find time in serving Him for He is able to take everything from us especially the things that we do the most prioritizing it rather than giving time for the Lord.

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