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Customers Were In A Rush In Early Morning To Buy Dozen Of Donuts To Send Owner Home For Sick Wife

Helping others in any way that you can do is one thing that makes Jesus happy. Some people are lucky enough to have a good life and the best way to celebrate it is by sharing the blessings that you have received from God. A simple act of generosity won’t hurt. There are people who pray asking for help and showing them your kindness means you are letting God use yourself as an instrument to show them that God hears their prayers.

Donut City is a little donut shop in California owned by the couple John and Stella Chan. They’ve been serving people their tasty glazed donuts for more than 30 years and their customers loved the sweetness and the taste. John attends to the customers in the shop every day while Stella stays at home and is still recovering from a brain aneurysm. When the customers knew about their situation, they came to a plan of helping the couple.

They made sure that all donut supplies are already sold out by 7 in the morning so that John can go home early and take care of his sick wife. The people were so kind to them and helping the couple is one great way to show that they appreciate the service that they receive from the donut shop. This may be a simple way of helping people and showing them that despite the bad things happening, God sends somebody to show care to them.

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