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Discover What Does the Bible Really Teach about Heaven and Its Relationship to Earth, Amazed by They Were Meant to Overlap!

We heard a lot of various definition of Heaven and Earth but up to now, many of us are still confused about what it really means. Heaven is defined in the Bible as the throne of God as well as with His holy angels. It is a paradise where agony and sorrow have no room. It is the place of the righteous after death, where they will be living with God with joy in their hearts. They don’t need to worry about their everyday needs because everything is perfect and beautiful in heaven. Heaven is the Holy place where everything seems to be great. While earth, on the other hand, is our temporary home until Jesus comes back and bring us in heaven. It is a place where sin is rampant, a place full of temptations.

God made both heaven and earth by His almighty power. He made all things beautiful and perfect, not until sin came into the world. Sin separated man from God which is the enemy’s mission. But God has a great love for men and He does not aim to see the downfall of His creation, so He sent His one and only Son into the world to wash away our sins through His blood. Jesus has made the greatest sacrifice that no one can overpower. He died on the cross of Calvary to show His selfless love among men.

The book of Revelation talks about the new heaven and earth, but how could this happen if heaven and earth are two different dimensions? How can it become one when a heaven is a sin-free place? Watch the video below and understand the revelation of how Heaven and Earth will be reunited as part of God’s masterpiece! You will surely be amazed!

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